Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Sealife DC600 Underwater Digital Camera

The Sealife DC600 6.1 mega-pixel digital camera is a point and shoot underwater digital camera that is ideal for taking worry free pictures in the rain, at the beach, on the ski slopes and of course, underwater. The Sealife DC600 underwater digital camera is good to depths of up to 200 feet, has a large 2.5" LCD screen for easy viewing under water and two Sea Mode white balance settings (one mode for above 25 feet and one for below 25 feet) for taking photos without a flash. When using the flash, the sure fire flash connection holds your fiber optic cable in the prefect position so the flash will fire every time. The waterproof camera housing allows access to power, shutter, zoom, LCD screen, menu, mode, 4 navigation buttons, OK and delete functions while still underwater. There is a Spy mode feature that will automatically take photos every 3, 10, 30 seconds or 1, 5 minutes, so you could set this camera up on a tripod and swim away to photograph very shy ocean creatures.

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